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Project Objectives

The need for affordable housing is a significant and growing concern. Not surprisingly, the families and individuals most in need of affordable housing are also most affected by high energy costs. Low-income families spend up to 20 percent of their income on energy. Efficiency investments in multifamily affordable housing mean energy savings, lower energy bills, more stable rental payments, reduced pollution, and a better quality of life for residents.

Increasing energy efficiency in the multifamily affordable housing sector is a winning strategy that benefits all stakeholders. To fully realize this opportunity, the Energy Efficiency for All project has four key objectives.

  1. Build an effective national network among energy efficiency and affordable housing professionals to help expand investments in efficiency upgrades.
  2. Support the work of state and local stakeholders in up to twelve states over the next two years to expand energy efficiency programs for the affordable multifamily sector.
  3. Expand and improve utility energy efficiency programs so they provide the necessary tools, financial incentives, administrative ease, and marketing to drive large-scale efficiency investments in affordable multifamily buildings.
  4. Support building owners and operators of affordable multifamily buildings looking for opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades or navigating the retrofit process.

We face an important opportunity to achieve significant energy savings and help sustain much-needed affordable housing for our nation’s limited-income families. By coordinating the efficiency and housing sectors, we can reach our goals and achieve Energy Efficiency for All!