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History of EEFA

Increasing energy efficiency in the affordable multifamily sector is a win for everyone. Making affordable rental housing more efficient is a cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, maintain housing affordability, and create healthier more comfortable living environments.

Despite these many benefits, efficiency measures are far less likely to be taken in multifamily rentals than in any other type of housing. That is why in the fall of 2013, the National Housing Trust, Natural Resources Defense Council, Energy Foundation, and Elevate Energy came together to launch the Energy Efficiency for All Project.

Our partnership brings together expertise in affordable housing, energy efficiency, community development, finance, and utility engagement. We collaborate with state and local groups across the country, delivering tools and resources that help increase energy efficiency investments in their states’ affordable multifamily housing.

What We Do

  • Connect, educate, and train stakeholders committed to this effort to boost their capacity and effectiveness
  • Share lessons and best practices through local, state, and national networks
  • Build state coalitions and connect them in a powerful national network
  • Ensure that affordable multifamily building owners have the means and motivation to pursue efficiency retrofits
  • Provide technical resources for regulatory filings and utility program design
  • Inform the media, public, and policymakers about efficiency and its many benefits

We foster collaboration between a diverse set of stakeholders – utilities, public utility commissions, state and local housing agencies, lenders, community organizers, policymakers, the multifamily building sector, the affordable housing community, and the energy efficiency industry – so that we speak one another’s language, understand each other’s limitations and capabilities, and find the intersection of our respective goals.