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Why Storytelling?

Over the past four years, EEFA has advocated for resources and implementation of better energy efficiency programs for multi-family affordable housing (MFAH) and generated significant investment and improved outcomes for building owners, residents, contractors and other stakeholders.  To further our mission, it’s time to start investing in the personal and powerful stories that demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency and its alignment with preserving housing affordability.

Given EEFA’s expanded emphasis on federal policy, movement building, and a need to expand our base of allies,  collecting and sharing personal narratives on a broad scale, particularly from multifamily housing residents, is a natural next step.  Stories have the power to break through our sometimes overly technical arguments, which increases the difficulty of assembling and activating broad coalitions.

Within our coalitions and networks, putting a human face on the communities that are directly impacted by energy efficiency and housing investments will allow us to connect with and move more stakeholders. Collecting stories is an authentic, credible, powerful but underutilized local organizing tool.

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