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NRDC blog post
Dec 15

Thanks to new initiatives and tried and true approaches to help customers optimize their energy use, California’s energy efficiency programs saved customers more than $600 million on their energy bills over the last year and cut as much dangerous carbon pollution as comes from over 200,000 cars. While these 2014 successes helped utilities reduce their investments in power that pollutes our air and are cause for celebration, they’re only the beginning of what’s possible.

Elevate Energy Blog Post
Dec 12

While climate change is surely the most global environment challenge there is, since we've got the Climate March and Climate Summit right here in New York city NRDC is also focusing on the "act I...

NRDC blog post
Dec 10

Over 130 years after Edison’s incandescent light bulb, the way New York state gets its energy is fundamentally changing. And much of that change is centered around reforming the way the electric utilities—like Con Ed and LIPA—do business here.

Elevate Energy Blog Post
Dec 4

A new fact sheet will help regulatory attorneys and others understand aggregated data and how privacy standards vary from state to state.