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Energy Efficiency Retrofits and Multifamily Housing Stock: Minnesota Case Studies


Just as in many states, affordable housing is critical for low-income Minnesota residents. Although there are various affordable multifamily housing units in Minnesota, many are in need of repair and aren’t very energy efficient, resulting in high utility bills. Investing in energy efficiency retrofits of multifamily rental housing not only saves energy, improves residents' health and comfort, but it also helps to keep the units affordable and maintains reasonable living costs. retrofits

The following case studies from EEFA and the Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiative show the positive impact energy efficiency retrofits have on Minnesota’s multifamily housing stock. These are projects that span a range of renovations and improvements in three non-profit communities.

Recently, utilities have started to expand their energy efficiency offerings under Minnesota's Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) to include programs specifically tailored to multifamily housing. These programs apply to energy efficiency retrofits; some have been developed to coordinate with large scale renovations for multifamily housing and others provide a one-stop shop for owners and managers interested in energy improvements.

For more case studies on energy efficiency in Minnesota, take a look at the Minnesota Sustainable Housing Initiatives Case Studies.


Halley Henry, National Housing Trust
Thursday, December 15, 2016
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