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Better Buildings Showcases CommonBond Communities' Greenvale Place

Greenvale Place's energy savings have earned them a place in the Better Buildings Inititiaive's showcase. In 2016, Greenvale Place in Minnesota enrolled in Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy’s local Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program. Participation in the program included a whole-building energy audit  that identified energy and water savings projects to reduce utility consumption. The energy audit was followed direct-install measusures including replacing almost 800 lamps, 96 shower heads, and 180 aerators for more energy efficient devices. The utility program covered the cost of all direct-install measures and will provide rebates based on actual savings of capital improvements such as weather stripping, LED lighting retrofits, and heating hot water upgrades. By 2018, Greenvale Place is expected to achieve 15% energy savings over its 2015 baseline.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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