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Submit a financing program to the database

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Name of institution providing financing for the program.
Insert the name of the loan program/product. If the lender incorporates efficiency into the normal lending process, insert "General Multifamily Lending".
Insert a brief description of the program offering.
Insert the city(ies) and state(s) where the program is offered. If nationwide, insert "National".
Insert the years during which the program was active. If currently active, insert YYYY - Present.
Insert a range of general loan sizes, if available.
Insert a list of eligible energy and water conservation and renewable energy technologies that may be financed through the program.
% or "Various" if rates vary.
Years or range of years if varied.
Insert any available information related to uptake of the program (total # of loans issued, total $ loan volume), default rate to date (%), CO2 emissions avoided, MW clean energy deployed, private to public leverage ratio, etc.
Insert name and email address of an individual involved in the administration of the program. This information will NOT be listed in the public database unless permission is granted to make it public.
May we include the name and email of the point of contact in the public database?
Insert any additional information about the program here.