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Making multifamily homes healthy and affordable through energy efficiency

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Making multifamily home healthy and affordable through energy efficiency

Affordable rental housing is critical for low-income Americans, but many apartments are in need of repair and come with higher energy bills. Increasing the energy efficiency of rental housing saves energy, improves residents’ health and comfort, and maintains reasonable rents. This helps families, communities, and affordable building owners. Additionally, many states require utilities to invest in programs that support energy efficiency. Improving the energy savings in these apartments, by sealing drafty doors and windows and insulating water pipes, for example, helps utilities meet their mandated goals.

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Last year, EEFA developed a story toolkit to help energy efficiency advocates to tell meaningful stories. The toolkit includes an interview guide, helpful suggestions for equipment, and a story report form to help us collect stories. The toolkit is included below.

Preceding the passage of the new tax bill, EEFA states sent sign on letters explaining the importance of federal programs like the Housing Credit, Section 8 project-based rental assistance, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Private Activity Tax Exempt Bonds and the Weatherization Assista

Commercial PACE for Affordable Multifamily Housing

C-PACE is a financing structure that enables owners of commercial, industrial and multifamily residential properties to obtain affordable, long-term funds for 100% of the cost of energy and water efficiency retrofits (as well as for distributed generation investments).