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EPA's Clean Power Plan and potential benefits for affordable housing

National Housing Conference
Hosted by NHC's Green Affordable Housing Coalition, this webinar provides an overview of the Clean Power Plan and potential impacts on multifamily affordable housing.

States will soon create plans to reduce carbon emissions from existing power plants. The Clean Power Plan gives states lots of flexibility to decide how to meet their emissions target. 

Energy Efficiency is the least expensive way for states to meet their pollution reduction targets under the new standards. Prioritizing energy efficiency not only produces substantial energy savings but means better health, greater disposable income, more secure tenancy and local jobs for communities. Helping to shape your state's Clean Power Plan is a real opportunity to get significant resources to make affordable multifamily housing more energy efficient. But unless we make our voices heard, this opportunity will be lost. 

To view a recording of the webinar click here. 

National Housing Conference
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