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Energy Efficiency for All's 2018 Poll Findings

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Energy Efficiency for All's 2018 Poll Findings, Recommendations and Webinar Slides

Voters support a range of measures to improve energy efficiency and are even willing to pay to do so. They also support programs dedicated to helping renters and people of limited incomes. Voters correctly intuit that people who make less money pay more of their income in utility bills, and they support energy efficiency for its benefits in driving down utility bills, tackling climate change, and improving people’s health.

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Making multifamily residential properties more energy efficient is a key strategy for reducing the disproportionate energy cost burden facing families on limited incomes. Energy cost burden is the percentage of household income spent on energy bills.

Huge numbers of Californians struggle and sacrifice to afford energy bills - a fact most Californians understand and would even pay more to rectify, a new poll commissioned by Energy Efficiency for All shows.

There is no question that investing in energy efficiency upgrades has the potential to deliver substantial financial, environmental, and health benefits to building owners and residents.