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The Network for Energy, Water and Health in Affordable Buildings (NEWHAB) is a national social impact network leveraging the relationships between individuals, sectors, and policies. It connects multiple sectors including energy, affordable housing, water, health, and social justice and is focused on addressing complex challenges. NEWHAB’s membership totals more than 100 individuals, with an additional 200 allies that work towards a shared purpose.

NEWHAB connects cross-sector efforts to drive increased affordability, health, and comfort through efficient energy and water consumption in affordable multifamily buildings. Any individual who is working in these areas may take advantage of the network.

The network engages diverse stakeholders to leverage and connect their collective expertise, developing and testing strategies to make sure low-income and disadvantaged communities are seeing the benefits of energy efficiency, clean air, and clean water.

NEWHAB is member driven and works closely with Energy Efficiency for All (EEFA). EEFA is a 12-state campaign focused on increasing energy efficiency in affordable multi-family housing. NEWHAB complements and provides a national platform to share learnings and develop solutions to complex problems. NEWHAB membership is open to individuals outside of EEFA’s 12-state focus.Click here for explanation of the relationship between NEWHAB and EEFA.

Annual Convening

The NEWHAB + EEFA Annual Convening is May 23-25 in New Orleans at the Ace Hotel. NEWHAB, EEFA and local allies are meeting in tandem to deepen the impact of our collective work in energy efficiency in affordable housing. 

This is an interactive and participatory convening designed to leverage professional connections to tackle the complex problem you are addressing in your work. This agenda was developed in partnership with the participants, and the New Orleans host committee, to create an experiential journey that will use individual expertise and collective influence to develop solutions to current challenges. 


PLACE: We strongly encourage you to participate fully in this cumulative journey that begins by grounding attendees on our first day in New Orleans history, culture, and context for the opportunities and challenges the community is facing in a post-Hurricane Katrina landscape. What can we learn about resiliency and renewal in New Orleans that can prepare other communities for the impacts of climate change? 

PEOPLE: Wednesday provides a deep dive into best practices and skill-building--and in the spirit of being a learning network we will discuss what's working and what's not. 

POWER: To close our time together we will focus on collective problem solving on issues that have surfaced throughout the convening. Thursday morning will lay the groundwork for future collaborations and NEWHAB activities. 

Please see the full agenda here. 


The Network for Energy, Water, and Health in Affordable Buildings works to expand healthy, efficient housing for all by leveraging the relationships between individuals, sectors, and policies.

Focusing on existing apartment buildings we do that by:

  • Creating a platform and community to share best practices, innovations, and successes
  • Connecting people working on policy and projects from multiple sectors (including: Energy, Housing, Water, Health, and Social Justice)
  • Focusing on the complex problems we can’t solve alone
  • Leveraging our collective influence to inform policy-making

NEWHAB’s Operating Principles are:

  • Assume good intent
  • Do everything with someone, nothing alone
  • Keep information transparent


NEWHAB provides a variety of programs and opportunities for connectivity among its members. This includes:

  • Challenge Groups: NEWHAB Challenge Group Participants exchange perspectives on complex challenges, conceive of new innovations, and explore and disseminate lessons to the broader NEWHAB network. These groups meet once monthly over five months to discuss a focused challenge or question.
  • Webinars: Bimonthly webinars provide opportunities for learning about industry specific topics.
  • Annual Convening:  A two-and-a-half day convening that provides key opportunities for learning, alignment, and relationship development for members. This is by-invitation-only for active network members.
  • Meet Ups: NEWHAB members are invited to host formal or informal in-person gatherings to network, provide capacity building support, or deepen connectivity among members.
  • LEAPSource: LEAPSource is an online repository for articles, forums, Challenge Group work products, member directories, and other information about issues relevant to NEWHAB
  • Idea Exchange Listserv: Idea Exchange allows members to share news about relevant events, opportunities or projects. Use it to find partners, to seek expertise, or identify people in specific locations.

Members and Allies

NEWHAB membership is open to individuals that are actively working in energy, housing, water, health, and social and environmental justice sectors. Click here for information about becoming a member or ally. Contact Network Coordinator Kathy Choh for more information and to arrange a new member orientation.

The 2017-2018 Network Guardians

Annika Brink - National Housing Trust

Abigail Corso - Elevate Energy

Dawone Robinson - Natural Resource Defense Council

Madiana Mustapha - Consultant

Ben Passer - Fresh Energy

Jogchum Poodt - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 

Clare Rosenberger - NeighborWorks

Lauren Ross - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Katherine Teiken - Minnesota Housing Finance Agency

Hal Clapp - Greater Minnesota Housing Fund 

Krista Egger - Enterprise Community Partners 

Contact Us

To become a member or learn more about NEWHAB contact Network Coordinator, Kathy Choh. To receive the NEWHAB newsletter click here.

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