Network for Energy, Water and Health in Affordable Buildings

The Network for Energy, Water, and Health in Affordable Buildings works to expand healthy, efficient housing for all by leveraging the relationships between individuals, sectors, and policies.

We do that in existing apartment buildings by:

  • Creating a platform and community to share best practices, innovations, and successes
  • Connecting people working on policy and projects from multiple sectors (including: Energy, Housing, Water, Health, and Social Justice)
  • Focusing on the complex problems we can’t solve alone
  • Leveraging our collective influence to change policy

We coordinate with other efforts with shared goals including ACEEE, Energy Efficiency for All, Elevate Energy and New Ecology, and NASEO. Contact to learn more or get engaged.

NEWHAB is hiring!

Position Title: Contract NEWHAB Managing Director Position

Type: Full-Time, contract with potential for renewal

Location: Location is flexible, with regular travel required

Posting Date: Summer 2016

About the Position: The Contract Managing Director will be responsible for responding to member priorities and shaping the network to build outcomes, inspire action and bridge the gaps between individuals and sectors. The successful candidate will be a self-starter capable of running the operations of a multi-sector, diverse network and working in partnership with members, which may include facilitating peer exchange and collaboration, shaping and supporting strategic decisions of the network, enlisting the talents of members to address common problems and opportunities, and fostering relationships. The Contract Managing Director will report to the Senior Program Manager of the Energy Foundation. Administrative support will be provided. This contract role will seek guidance and strategic direction from the NEWHAB Network Guardians, and will be expected to coordinate closely with other initiatives that seek to advance the purpose of the network.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Work with members to develop and implement a collective vision and long-range strategy for NEWHAB, including short- and long-term metrics for network success and growth;
  • Strengthen member, ally, funder and other stakeholder engagement;
  • Operate and encourage member use of NEWHAB’s communications platform to expand and document collective knowledge within network;
  • Lead fundraising efforts to grow NEWHAB financial resources, including creation of annual resource development strategy;
  • Manage NEWHAB budget, including income and expenses, and report financial performance to Energy Foundation Senior Program Manager
  • Manage geographically dispersed, remote-working staff and consultants;
  • Report network activities regularly to Network Guardians, and engage advisors to develop network strategy and innovations;
  • Foster evaluation of the Network’s accomplishments, tracking quantitative qualitative indicators, including through annual membership survey; and
  • Organize annual in-person meeting of members.

Preferred Qualifications:

NEWHAB is a collaborative network with a diverse, multi-sectoral membership seeking to advance best practices in quality affordable housing. The strength of this network will be enhanced by a leader who can curate activities, recruit and support leaders as active members, and facilitate and inspire collaborative learning. The ideal candidate will:

  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial attitude, including
    • Ability to align people and resources in support of vision, innovative strategies, and commitment to testing and learning
    • Adaptability to changing circumstances
    • Experience in working with organizations in transition
  • Demonstrate strategic leadership skills, including
    • Adeptness at crafting a strategy, building shared support from partners and advisors (including funders)
    • Experience working with multiple funders, advisors, and competing priorities
    • Ability to work in a disciplined manner in a virtual, network-based environment
    • Demonstrated presentation skills  
  • Demonstrate high-level network building skills, including
    • Prior success in cultivating relationships, building support, and directing diverse interests, passions and expertise toward a shared outcome
    • Knowledge of network structures and operations
    • Demonstrated listening, trust-building, and communication skills
  • Demonstrate management skills, including
    • Organization, campaign and/or large project management experience
    • Budget management and fundraising skills
    • Strong facilitation skills
  • Demonstrate familiarity with affordable housing, health and/or energy efficiency sectors
  • Possess an advanced degree and/or extensive relevant experience

Contract and Compensation: One year contract with potential for renewal, contractual rate is based off experience.

To Apply: Please submit cover letter, resume and salary requirements electronically to Please title your e-mail “Contract NEWHAB – Network Managing Director Position.” Please cite how you learned about this position. This position will be posted until filled.


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