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Energy efficiency and renewables: the cheapest, smartest way for states to cut carbon pollution


States will have a lot of flexibility in crafting plans to cut carbon pollution from power plants. And when it comes to making those cuts, energy efficiency and renewable energy are the best path forward. This is made clear in a new series of NRDC analyses that illustrate how expanding renewable energy and cutting energy waste are the cheapest, smartest ways for states to cut carbon pollution and meet their Clean Power Plan targets.

EmPOWER Energy Efficiency Policy: Delivering Big Returns to Maryland

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Boosting energy efficiency of homes in Maryland is a bread-and-butter issue. Paying too much for electricity and gas at a time when household budgets are still pinched from the great recession can mean having less to spend on nutritious food, healthcare, and other necessities. Thankfully, there's a growing array of options for improving structures, from inexpensive measures such as installing highly efficient LED light bulbs, to bigger-ticket replacements of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems or whole-house insulation retrofits.

Delivering Energy Efficiency for All Pennsylvanians

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Newly minted Governor Tom Wolf unveiled his budget proposal for his first year in office. The plan includes several notable elements, including a big boost in funding for education.

Obama admin launches pilot program for efficiency upgrades in apartment buildings

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SAN FRANCISCO -- The Obama administration today announced an initiative to allow multifamily buildings to finance solar and energy efficiency upgrades via their property tax bills.

At a Section 8 retirement home in San Francisco's Tenderloin District, known for its high concentration of homeless and assisted-housing residents, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) announced a pilot project to boost on-bill financing of rooftop solar panels and efficiency projects, known as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans.

Praising Progress: Michigan's Energy Efficiency Program for Multifamily Affordable Housing


For many, the New Year means the kickoff of new resolutions, but in Michigan, one energy efficiency project that started well before the flurry of fad diets is celebrating its first six months of progress.

HUD on the right track with new energy efficiency initiative for affordable housing

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If you look into the new energy efficiency initiatives announced today by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), you'll make an important discovery.

California Taking Significant Steps to Support Clean Energy in Low-Income Housing

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California has announced a major new set of initiatives and finalized two agency decisions that will bring increasing amounts of weatherization and solar benefits to low-income residents of affordable multifamily properties, which represent one-third of the state's low-income housing stock.

Until now, this sector has received little attention when it comes to clean energy initiatives in California. But state action over the past few weeks is changing that, which will benefit thousands of Californians living in low-income housing.

Making Energy Work for Real People in Michigan


At Michigan's State of the State address this week, Governor Rick Snyder pushed a vision of 2015 that aims to restructure how government operates and works for real people. What this could mean on the energy front, however, is still to be determined. While the governor again outlined his four pillars for energy policy adaptability, reliability, affordability, and protection of the environment, he left the nitty- gritty details for a special address coming in March.

What financial benefits do building owners get when they invest in energy efficiency?

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UPDATE: Join us for a discussion on valuing the financial benefits of energy efficiency in the multifamily sector. We’re hosting a webinar on Tuesday, Jan 27, from 1-2 PM CST. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4993966783222350850